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Compression Socks - Black

Belly Bandit

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These knee-high socks minimize uncomfortable swelling in your calves, ankles, and feet.

  • 15-20 mm Hg of compression to improve blood flow & circulation, minimizing swelling and fatigue
  • Silver-infused material helps eliminate bacteria and odor


Wash inside out with like colors
Dry on low heat

Tips for Wear

It’s a great idea to put your socks on first thing in the morning before any swelling occurs. If you’re already experiencing swelling, lay down and rest your legs on an elevated pillow for about 15 minutes to help reduce swelling before putting your socks on. Cornstarch or talcum powder can help compression socks slide on when your skin is either moist or too dry (Psssst…Not a great idea to try and put these on if you've first put lotion on your feet or legs).

Put your arm all the way into your compression socks. Especially for knee-high socks, your arm will go all the way in until your palm is on the heel of the sock.  Pinch the middle of the heel of the sock, now pull the top of your sock down your arm so it’s flipped inside out.  When you reach your thumb (while still holding the heel of the sock) this gives you easy access to put it on your foot.  Now, slip your foot in and try rolling the sock up towards your knee.