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Magnetic Gown & Hat Set - Baa Baa Baby, Blue

Magnetic Me

Regular price $44.00

These gowns are designed for all those nap and nighttime diaper changes (at least 8 times a day!). Smart magnetic fasteners and no over-the-head design gets your baby dressed in no time. Machine wash as directed.
  • Silky soft, sustainable, eco-friendly Modal fabric
  • Includes matching hat
  • Built-in mitten cuffs to protect newborns from scratching themselves
  • Closed bottom for extra warmth!
  • Absolute easiest way to dress a baby!

Magnetic Me has a patented magnetic closure system that is hidden and sewn securely beneath their garment plackets. Since the conception of their idea, Magnetic Me has spent a lot (a lot!) of time and energy perfecting these fasteners. All you need to do is line the magnets up and watch them close.

The magnetic fasteners have Sew Safe Construction, stitched into their clothes hidden between layers of fabric and would take serious tampering to remove. Periodically inspect seams and fabric near magnetic fasteners. If tears, rips, or loose stitching are found, discontinue use of the product.