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My Good Behavior Challenges Magnet Kit

Minimo Motivation

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The My Good Behavior Challenges magnet set is a fun and practical tool that helps your little one navigate intense behaviors. In turn, watch your whole family’s daily life improve! With your child, choose one or more challenges together, and set a goal! Plan a reward and reap the benefits of more quality time with your family. The perfect tool to help children realize that good behavior is win-win!

Use with the My Good Deeds or My Good Behavior Chart motivational kits.

Included Magnets:

  • I'm polite
  • I stay calm
  • I respect my brothers and sisters
  • I listen to the rules
  • I share
  • I'm patient
  • I use my words
  • I stay seated at the table
  • wait my turn
  • I use my indoor voice
  • I get ready on time
  • I'm gentle


12 magnets of 1.25" (3.2 cm)

  • Ideal for stimulating autonomy and good behavior for children ages 3 and up
  • 12 round, illustrated magnets with different behavioral challenges adapted to children
  • Complementary to the One Week at a Time family organizer and My Daily Routine motivational kit.